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EMERGENCY FUND : The Little money you save every month serves as emergency fund, as you can draw it when you need it most
SIMPLE PROCEDURES : No complex formalities are involved. We see to it that the procedures are as...
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Abana Chits

Abana Chits India Pvt.Ltd was incorporated under Companies Act in 1981.Registered Chit fund companies are primarily regulated by the Central Chit Fund Act and also has to comply with prescribed rules and regulation formulated by the respective state governments.
As per the existing law, the foreman (Chit Fund Company) has to deposit 100% of the chit value with the Registrar of Chits prior to the commencement of the chit group. All accounts have to be audited by a qualified Chartered Accountant. Abana chits is registered and all regulations are

followed.Abana chits is backed by its seasoned team of professionals who have decades of experience and can understand any query related to chits and can help you reap maximum benefits from investing in a chit. With the long years of experience in Chit business, it is the safest, most reliable and trustworthy company to make your chit related investments.
Our Schemes
Schemes      Months        Chit Value
50,000.00--- 20 Months---- 2500/-
1, 00,000---  20 months---- 5000/-
1, 00,000---  25 months---- 4000/-
    2, 00,000----20 months----10,000/-  
2, 00,000---  40 months-----5000/-
   3, 00,000---- 30 months----10,000/- 
   5, 00,000---- 20 months---- 25,000/-
 5, 00,000---- 40 months---- 12500/-

10,00,000----  50 months---   20,000/-
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