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                 Benefits of Chits

EMERGENCY FUND : The Little money you save every month serves as emergency fund, as you can draw it when you need it most

SIMPLE PROCEDURES : No complex formalities are involved. We see to it that the procedures are as simple as possible, even the paper work involved is minimum, making it very convenient for you

HOMELY ATMOSPHERE : Friendly people and homely atmosphere with personalised service is what we tender to you.

SURE RETURNS : You can be sure of good returns for any scheme you opt for.

SECURE : Your money will be safe in the care of the stable compnay ABANA

As time passes, our growing list of clints reflects the trust reposed on us. Likewise, does our commitment to keep up your faith in us. Extending timely personalised service based on trust for three decades now we take this timely opportunity to express our gratitude to one & all, who've made this possible...

Our Schemes
Schemes      Months        Chit Value
50,000.00--- 20 Months---- 2500/-
1, 00,000---  20 months---- 5000/-
1, 00,000---  25 months---- 4000/-
    2, 00,000----20 months----10,000/-  
2, 00,000---  40 months-----5000/-
   3, 00,000---- 30 months----10,000/- 
   5, 00,000---- 20 months---- 25,000/-
 5, 00,000---- 40 months---- 12500/-
10,00,000----  50 months---   20,000/-

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